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Green and Miniaturized HPLC Columns

The field of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) has long been dominated by the analytical power of separating organic compounds dissolved in liquids. At the core of every HPLC system lies the HPLC column, a tube packed with precisely engineered spherical particles. Traditionally, the market standard has been a 4.6 mm inner diameter (ID) column with a length of 15/25 cm. However, with the relentless pursuit of sustainability and cost-effectiveness, G&T Septech (GTS) has pioneered a breakthrough in miniaturized HPLC columns.

The benefits of miniaturization are manifold. By reducing the ID of the column, GTS achieves comparable chromatographic performance while dramatically decreasing solvent consumption. In the quality control realm, where systems may run continuously for 24 hours a day, solvent usage can reach a staggering 525 liters per year. The cost of these solvents, often mixtures of Acetonitrile or Methanol and water, continues to rise, making their disposal an increasingly expensive and unsustainable burden. The pressing need for green chemistry drives us to find innovative solutions.

With over 25 years of experience, GTS has honed its expertise in developing production processes for packing particles in small ID HPLC columns. By employing 1 mm ID columns (flow = 40 uL/min), annual solvent consumption can be reduced to a mere 21 liters. Pushing the boundaries further, GTS has achieved remarkable results with 0.3 mm ID columns (flow = 4 uL/min), slashing annual solvent consumption to a mere 2 liters. The capability to produce highly reliable and reproducible packed HPLC columns at such diminutive dimensions sets GTS apart, as very few companies worldwide possess this level of skill and knowledge.

As sustainability becomes a global imperative, it is increasingly likely that HPLC column manufacturers will be compelled to adopt environmentally friendly practices. GTS, with its pioneering approach and commitment to going green, is at the forefront of this movement. We are proud to present our miniaturized HPLC columns as a game-changing solution, enabling laboratories to achieve the same exceptional chromatographic performance with significantly reduced solvent volumes. By embracing our technology, laboratories can contribute to a more sustainable future, aligning their operations with the global drive for responsible environmental practices.

Join us in revolutionizing HPLC and ushering in a greener era of chromatography. Together, we can make a substantial impact on solvent consumption, costs, and the overall ecological footprint of the industry. Experience the power of miniaturized HPLC columns with G&T Septech and embark on a journey towards sustainable analytical future.
Our history

Leading the Way in micro-HPLC Solutions Since 1997

During Pittcon 2001 in New Orleans, USA, we unveiled our first products, showcasing unique technology, including the innovative use of flexible fused silica tubing covered by protective shrinking hose. While larger column manufacturers quickly imitated this technology for nano-LC columns, it was our pioneering spirit that set the stage for future advancements.

Due to limited resources for bulk material manufacturing, we strategically focused on the OEM market, earning the trust and loyalty of renowned companies over the years. Our expertise allows companies without dedicated micro-HPLC column production to have their own competitive product line, leveraging our partnership for their success.

In 2000, GTS acquired Teknolab AS, a Norwegian company established in 1980 by Odd and Else Erevik, offering high-quality consumables for analytical laboratories in Norway. Expanding our reach, we entered the Swedish market with Teknolab Sweden AB, which later merged with Sorbent AB to become Teknolab Sorbent AB. Today, both companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of GTS, reinforcing our commitment to delivering excellence.

In 2013, GTS ventured into new territories with the establishment of Extraction Technologies Norway AS (ETN). This startup is built upon patented technology that has the potential to revolutionize sample preparation, promising to be a game changer in the field.

In 2022, GTS expanded its reach and expertise by acquiring Elsichrom AB, a renowned company specializing in the marketing of second-hand HPLC and other analytical instruments. With this strategic acquisition, GTS further solidified its position in the chromatography industry. Elsichrom's focus on chromatography equipment, including HPLC, GC, and IC, perfectly aligns with GTS's commitment to delivering exceptional solutions. The addition of Elsichrom allows GTS to provide a comprehensive range of products and services, including second-hand instruments, new chromatography equipment, accessories, columns, and spare parts for HPLC pumps and detectors. Founded in 1997 by Professor Tyge Greibrokk and Dr. philos Roger Trones, G&T Septech AS (GTS) is a privately owned company that emerged from a research project at the University of Oslo. With initial funding from a public grant, we embarked on a mission to commercialize our research outcomes, leading to our core business idea of producing micro-HPLC columns renowned for their exceptional efficiency, robustness, and reproducibility.

Expanding into the US market

G&T Septech (GTS) embarked on a new chapter in December 2022, entering the dynamic US market and establishing a US-based daughter company; G&T Septech LLC. With a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, we are eager to introduce our cutting-edge solutions to a wider audience.

To comprehensively serve our US clients and ensure a continuous supply of our products, we will establish an independent production facility, located in the US, for our unique miniaturized HPLC column technology.

Furthermore, we are thrilled to introduce our patented Electro Membrane Extraction (EME) technology to the US market. G&T Septech LLC will assume the responsibility of coordinating the introduction of our patented EME products in the United States.

Dr. Roger Trones, our CEO, will be in the US to personally oversee the establishment of G&T Septech LLC, ensuring a smooth and effective operation from the outset.

These strategic initiatives underline our dedication to sustainability and cost-effectiveness. By localizing production and embracing environmentally friendly technologies, we aim to minimize our ecological footprint and promote a greener future.

At G&T Septech, we continue to drive innovation, push boundaries, and create cutting-edge solutions that empower scientists and researchers worldwide.

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