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Trond Løvli

Business Development / QA Manager

Trond Løvli is an accomplished drug development chemist with over 17 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Joining G&T Septech as the Business Development Manager in 2010, he quickly became an integral part of our team. In 2013, Trond assumed the role of Head of Development at our subsidiary, Extraction Technology Norway.

With his extensive background, Trond possesses valuable expertise in leading international collaborative drug development projects. His experience encompasses regulatory compliance, including GMP, GLP, and ISO standards. Trond's proficiency in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) work and business intelligence related to IPR further enhances our capabilities.

Trond earned his MSc. degree in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Oslo in 1993, laying a solid foundation for his career in the pharmaceutical industry. His comprehensive knowledge and commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to our organization.

At G&T Septech, Trond Løvli's expertise and leadership contribute significantly to our success in drug development. With his guidance, we adhere to regulatory standards while driving innovation in the field. Trond's extensive experience and dedication ensure that we consistently deliver exceptional solutions to our customers, helping shape the future of healthcare.


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