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Tyge Greibrokk

CSO / Senior Scientist
Board Member

Renowned as a professor of analytical chemistry, Dr. philos Tyge Greibrokk has left an indelible mark on the field. With a distinguished career that includes serving as head of the Department of Chemistry, as well as holding key positions on various boards and commissions at the University of Oslo, his contributions have been instrumental.

Having supervised 125 master students and 30 Ph.D. students, coordinated EU-networks, and served as the editor of the Journal of Separation Science from its inception, Dr. Greibrokk's expertise is widely recognized. His prolific scientific career boasts over 300 published papers and prestigious accolades, such as the Golay Award received in Palm Springs in 2013.

As a co-founder of G&T Septech, Dr. philos Tyge Greibrokk has brought his invaluable knowledge and passion to drive the company's success. His remarkable achievements and dedication to excellence continue to inspire both the team at G&T Septech and the broader analytical chemistry community.


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