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Roger Trones

CEO / Senior Scientist
Board Member

With a PhD. in analytical organic chemistry from the University of Oslo, Dr. philos Roger Trones is a pioneering force in the field. As the co-founder of G&T Septech since its inception in 1997, he has been instrumental in driving the company's success. Driven by a passion for innovation, he has transformed his own ideas into thriving commercial ventures.

In addition to leading G&T Septech, Dr. Trones also oversees Teknolab (Norway) and Teknolab Sorbent (Sweden), subsidiary companies that contribute to the company's growth. With several scientific papers, patents, and years of board experience, including as chairman, his expertise and achievements have made a significant impact.

Dr. philos Roger Trones inspires micro-HPLC innovation, propelling G&T Septech to the forefront of the industry. His vision and commitment to excellence drive the company's continued growth, delivering cutting-edge solutions and exceptional quality to customers worldwide.


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