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Jon Ola Frankplads


With a Master's degree in business administration, Jon Ola Frankplads possesses a comprehensive skill set acquired through his diverse career journey. He has excelled in various leadership roles encompassing marketing, finance, strategy, and general management. Notably, he has served as a general manager for esteemed companies in the pharmaceutical, data, consultancy, and venture capital sectors.

In recent years, Frankplads has played a pivotal role as a board member in several prominent organizations. His valuable contributions have been witnessed in esteemed companies such as Idex ASA, Nordic Seafarms ASA, Norsk Gallup Institutt AS, Robot technology AS, Byggutvikling AS, and Næringseiendom AS. As a testament to his exceptional leadership, Frankplads has chaired the board of G&T Septech AS for nearly two decades.


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